Riding a bike in Marseille

Bike path on Boulevard Michelet
Marseille is clearly not a bicycle friendly city. There are very few bike lanes, and people are more prone to using their car, even for errands within walking distance.

There are more bike lanes in the Southern part of the city, in the bourgeois residential areas and near the beaches, than in any other district, although the Corniche is still very much a car haven, with sidewalks used as parking spaces in the Summer.


Marseille or Marseilles?

What's in a name...

When I was a kid, our English teacher taught us that in English, Marseille was said Marseilles. It felt odd that foreign people changed the name of our city, but who am I to say... we do the same when it comes to names of foreign towns and cities (Londres, Douvres, Naples, to name a few).